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The ADRENALIN reels are exciting thanks to the entirely new colours and
shape with extra-narrow spools and infinite return stop!
Like the previous series, these reels will also continue to be produced in
Taiwan not in China in order to guarantee the high quality standard. All
components of these reels comes exclusively from Japan, the US or
Taiwan; and the precision CNC mill-cutting machines were exported from
Japan! And the very popular size 12 is now also available as a 2-speed
reel. Size 14 (2-speed) is also new and its perfect handling, light weight
and high line capacity account for the fact that they are most captivating!

The one-part housings are made from a block of 6061-T6 aluminium.
This type of aluminium is also used in aircraft construction; it is distinguished
by an extremely low weight yet is extremely resilient.
The extra-narrow form of the housing and spool facilitates very even line
lay, even if the line is brought in fast; and it also prevents the line from
knotting. Nevertheless the reels have sufficient line capacity! The narrow
shape was developed for us by the Taiwanese speed-jig champion, Ken Wu.
The entire housing is anodised and provides excellent protection against
aggressive saltwater.
The whole gear is made from non-corrosive stainless steel. This also applies
to every single screw or spring.

This infinitely adjustable carbon / stainless steel drag system, which works
brilliantly, is impressive owing to a jerk-free, even drag action – both at
40 degrees on the Ebro and at minus temperatures on the Lofoten.
The drag disks made from hardened carbon are manufactured in the
United States and are unbeatable with regard to the drag action and service
A locking device secures the free-run mechanism and the drag to prevent
inadvertent activation of the former or blocking of the latter.
All reels are equipped with 6 Japanese, double-sealed ball bearings and
one needle bearing, also made in Japan. The needle bearing (infinite return
stop) ensures that the reels are absolutely free from backlash.
The cranks are longer than those on the predecessor models in order to
guarantee even more convenient line winding. The shape of the crank
handle was selected to ensure that they have their centre of gravity on
one side. Consequently the handle always falls into the same position. No
mistakes when there is a fast strike!
There are arguably only a few reels with such a sensationally smooth
free-run function.
All the Adrenalin models are available both in a right and a left-hand version.
All reels are supplied with a small bottle of oil.


Adrenalin AN-10 / AN-10 L
Small, but oh boy! Don't be misled by the delicate size. All of 22 LBS drag
capacity can make even very strong opponents look old. They are used
with light to medium-weight artificial bait and natural bait fish for cod,
saithe, pollock etc. However, it is also very good for trawling in both fresh
water and saltwater. Perfectly combined with the Adrenalin Flexo pilk
(p. 52). Fast line retraction thanks to the 5.2:1 transmission.

Satte 22 LBS Bremsleistung lassen auch starke Gegner alt aussehen. Ihr Einsatzgebiet liegt beim leichten bis mittleren Kunstköder- und Naturköderfischen auf Dorsch, Seelachs, Pollack etc. Aber auch zum Schleppen in Süß- und Salzwasser bestens geeignet. Perfekt in Combo mit der Adrenalin Flexo Pilk. Zügiger Schnureinzug durch die Übersetzung von 5,2:1.

Gewicht: 460 g
Schnurfassung: 0,20 mm / 460 m
Übersetzung: 5,2:1
Bremskraft: 10 kg / 22 lbs

Adrenalin AN-12 / AN-12 L
A real allrounder for Norway! With this reel you are excellently equipped
for any situation. Ideally combined with the Adrenalin Boat 30 or Boat
Inliner 30 (p. 53). The strong 26.5 lbs drag performance outfights even
the biggest fish. The high 5.8:1 transmission facilitates fast line winding.

Gewicht: 610 g
Schnurfassung: 0,25 mm / 480 m
Übersetzung: 5,8:1
Bremskraft: 12 kg / 26 lbs


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